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Atlantic 10 Conference

1 Dupont Circle NW #605
Suite 605
Washington, DC 20036
Division: I

Title Full Name
Commissioner Bernadette V. McGlade
Senior Woman Administrator Natalie Rogers
Senior Compliance Administrator Michael Sainte
Senior Compliance Administrator Kim S. Record
Sports Information Director Drew Dickerson
Chief Financial Officer for Athletics Martha Perez-Schmitz
Athletics Direct Report Casey Abashian
Athletics Direct Report Tom Waterman
Athletics Direct Report Tom Jacobs
Athletics Direct Report Ed Pasque
Athletics Diversity and Inclusion Designee Natalie Rogers
Athletics Health Care Administrator Michael Sainte
Baseball Administrator Tom Waterman
Men's Basketball Administrator Ed Pasque
Men's Lacrosse Administrator Tom Jacobs
Men's Soccer Administrator Tom Waterman
NLI Administrator Michael Sainte
Softball Administrator Natalie Rogers
Student-Athlete Affairs Administrator Candy Cage
Student-Athlete Affairs Administrator Michael Sainte
Women's Basketball Administrator Candy Cage
Women's Field Hockey Administrator Natalie Rogers
Women's Lacrosse Administrator Meghan Bertovich
Women's Soccer Administrator Tom Waterman
Women's Volleyball Administrator Tom Jacobs
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Title Full Name
Baseball Coordinator of Officials Tony Thompson
Field Hockey Coordinator of Officials Gus Soteriades
Men's Basketball Coordinator of Officials Bryan Kersey
Men's Soccer Coordinator of Officials Paul Tamberino
Softball Coordinator of Officials Mickey Call
Women's Basketball Coordinator of Officials Debbie Williamson
Women's Soccer Coordinator of Officials Paul Tamberino
Women's Volleyball Coordinator of Officials Steve Webster
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