Major Infractions Case

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

October 24, 2000

Academic Fraud; Unethical Conduct; Provision of Extra Benefits; Failure to Comply with Eligibility Requirements; Impermissible Special Arrangement; Recruiting Inducement; Violation of Eligibility/Transfer Requirements; Violation of Supplemental Pay Provisions; Violation of Rules Compliance Principal; Lack of Institutional Control.

Public Reprimand and Censure; four years of probation; reduction in the total of grants-in-aid for men's basketball; official visits reduced in men's basketball; evaluation days reduced in men's basketball; vacation of team records and the individual records of any student-athlete who engaged in academic fraud, for the years of 1994, 1995, including the 1997 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournaments and the 1996, 1998, National Invitational Tournaments; show-cause order for the former head men's basketball coach for seven years; show-cause order for the former academic counselor for seven years, show-cause order for the former secretary for five years; disassociation of the owner of the a local dealership who also is a representative of the university's athletics interest; annual compliance reporting; recertification after the probation period. [APPEAL BY THE FORMER HEAD MEN'S BASKETBALL COACH DENIED BY THE APPEALS INFRACTIONS COMMITTEE.]

Men's Basketball

Television: 0 yrs
Reduction in Financial Aid: Yes
Postseason: 0 yrs
Recruiting: Yes
Probation: 4 yrs
Show Cause Penalty: Yes
Vacation of Record: No