Division I Proposal - 2017-101


Status: Adopted Final

Intent: To increase, from $40 to $75, the allowance that an institution may provide a student host for each day of a prospective student-athlete's official visit to cover all actual costs of entertaining the student host(s), the prospective student-athlete and up to four family members accompanying the prospective student-athlete; further, to increase, from $20 to $40, the additional allowance an institution may provide the student host per day for each additional prospective student-athlete the host entertains.

Bylaws: Amend 13.6.7, as follows:

13.6.7 Entertainment/Tickets on Official Visit.

[ through unchanged.] Student Host. The student host must be either a current student-athlete or a student designated in a manner consistent with the institution's policy for providing campus visits or tours to prospective students in general. The institution may provide the following to a student host entertaining a prospective student-athlete: [R]

(a) A maximum of $40 75 for each day (24-hour period) of the visit (maximum of $80 150 for two 24-hour periods) to cover all actual costs of entertaining the student host(s) and the prospective student-athlete and up to four family members accompanying the prospective student-athlete, excluding the cost of meals and admission to campus athletics events. The cost of entertainment of the institution's athletics department staff members who accompany the prospective student-athlete is also excluded. If an athletics department staff member serves as the prospective student-athlete's host, his or her entertainment costs must be included in the entertainment allowance. The entertainment allowance may not be used for the purchase of souvenirs, such as T-shirts or other institutional mementos. It is permissible to provide the student host with an additional $20 40 per day for each additional prospective student-athlete the host entertains;

[ through unchanged.] Multiple Hosts. If several students host a prospective student-athlete, the $40 75-per-day entertainment money may be used to cover the actual and necessary expenses incurred by the prospective student-athlete and all hosts. Only one student host per prospective student-athlete may be provided a free meal if restaurant facilities are used. [D]

[ through unchanged.]

[ unchanged.] Meals on Official Visit. The cost of actual meals, not to exceed three per day, on the official visit for a prospective student-athlete and up to four family members accompanying the prospective student-athlete need not be included in the $40 75-per-day entertainment expense. Meals must be comparable to those provided to student-athletes during the academic year. A reasonable snack (e.g., pizza, hamburger) may be provided in addition to the three meals. [R]

[ unchanged.] Normal Retail Cost. If a boat, snowmobile, recreational vehicle or similar recreational equipment (including those provided by an institutional staff member or a representative of the institution's athletics interests) is used to entertain a prospective student-athlete or the prospective student-athlete's parents (or legal guardians) and spouse, the normal retail cost of the use of such equipment shall be assessed against the $40 75-per-day entertainment figure; further, if such normal retail costs exceeds the $40 75-per-day entertainment allowance, such entertainment may not be provided. [R]

[ through unchanged.]

Source: Southeastern Conference

Effective Date:August 1, 2018

Proposal Category: Amendment

Topical Area: Recruiting

Rationale: Recent legislative changes have increased the number of individuals who may accompany a prospective student-athlete and receive entertainment as part of an official visit from four to six (including the prospective student-athlete and a student host). However, the student host entertainment allowance has not changed since 2012, when a moderate inflationary increase was implemented. Feedback from student-athletes has indicated that the current allowance is often insufficient to cover the costs of the most basic forms of entertainment for the student host, the prospective student-athlete and his or her family (current allowance equates to $6.67 per person, per day). This proposal would increase the legislated maximum allowance to allow an institution, at its discretion, to provide additional funds to a student host to fully cover the cost of basic forms of entertainment. Such an increase will alleviate situations in which the student host may be faced with difficult choices or conversations with a prospective student-athlete and his or her family.

Estimated Budget Impact: Potential increase in recruiting costs. Will vary based upon local decision making.

Impact on Student-Athlete's Time (Academic and/or Athletics): None.


Oct 10, 2017: Submitted to National Office
Nov 1, 2017: In Progress
Dec 1, 2017: Ready for Vote
Jan 5, 2018: Ready for Vote Proposal No. 2017-101-1 submitted.
Jan 19, 2018: Adopted Final

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