Division I Proposal - 2017-101-1


Status: Defeated Final

Intent: To amend Proposal No. 2017-101 to specify that the increase to the student host allowance for each day of a prospective student-athlete's official visit shall be from $40 to $50; further, to specify that the increase to the allowance for each additional prospective student-athlete the host entertains shall be from $20 to $30.

Bylaws: Amend Proposal No. 2017-101, 13.6.7, as follows:

13.6.7 Entertainment/Tickets on Official Visit.

[ through unchanged.] Student Host. The student host must be either a current student-athlete or a student designated in a manner consistent with the institution's policy for providing campus visits or tours to prospective students in general. The institution may provide the following to a student host entertaining a prospective student-athlete: [R]

(a) A maximum of $75 50 for each day (24-hour period) of the visit (maximum of $150 100 for two 24-hour periods) to cover all actual costs of entertaining the student host(s) and the prospective student-athlete and up to four family members accompanying the prospective student-athlete, excluding the cost of meals and admission to campus athletics events. The cost of entertainment of the institution's athletics department staff members who accompany the prospective student-athlete is also excluded. If an athletics department staff member serves as the prospective student-athlete's host, his or her entertainment costs must be included in the entertainment allowance. The entertainment allowance may not be used for the purchase of souvenirs, such as T-shirts or other institutional mementos. It is permissible to provide the student host with an additional $40 30 per day for each additional prospective student-athlete the host entertains;

[ through unchanged.] Multiple Hosts. If several students host a prospective student-athlete, the $75 50-per-day entertainment money may be used to cover the actual and necessary expenses incurred by the prospective student-athlete and all hosts. Only one student host per prospective student-athlete may be provided a free meal if restaurant facilities are used. [D]

[ through unchanged.]

[ unchanged.] Meals on Official Visit. The cost of actual meals, not to exceed three per day, on the official visit for a prospective student-athlete and up to four family members accompanying the prospective student-athlete need not be included in the $75 50-per-day entertainment expense. Meals must be comparable to those provided to student-athletes during the academic year. A reasonable snack (e.g., pizza, hamburger) may be provided in addition to the three meals. [R]

[ unchanged.] Normal Retail Cost. If a boat, snowmobile, recreational vehicle or similar recreational equipment (including those provided by an institutional staff member or a representative of the institution's athletics interests) is used to entertain a prospective student-athlete or the prospective student-athlete's parents (or legal guardians) and spouse, the normal retail cost of the use of such equipment shall be assessed against the $75 50-per-day entertainment figure; further, if such normal retail costs exceeds the $75 50-per-day entertainment allowance, such entertainment may not be provided. [R]

[ through unchanged.]

Source: Big 12 Conference

Effective Date:August 1, 2018

Proposal Category: Amendment-to-Amendment

Topical Area: Recruiting

Rationale: As noted in the rationale for Proposal No. 2017-101, recent legislative changes have increased the number of individuals who may accompany a prospective student-athlete and receive entertainment as part of an official visit from four to six (including the prospective student-athlete and a student host). An increase to the entertainment allowance is needed, but a more modest increase to $50 per day will be sufficient to allow an institution to cover the costs of reasonable forms of entertainment during an official visit.

Estimated Budget Impact: Potential increase in recruiting costs. Costs will vary based upon local decision making.

Impact on Student-Athlete's Time (Academic and/or Athletics): None.


Jan 5, 2018: Submitted to National Office Amendment sponsored.
Jan 5, 2018: Ready for Vote
Jan 19, 2018: Defeated Final

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