Division I Proposal - 2017-122


Status: Adopted Final

Intent: To eliminate the legislated restrictions on the availability of alcohol at NCAA Division I championships.

A.    Administrative: Amend 31.1, as follows:

31.1 Administration of NCAA Championships.

[31.1.1 through 31.1.14 unchanged.]

31.1.15 Availability of Alcoholic Beverages. Alcoholic beverages shall not be sold or otherwise made available for public consumption at any championship event sponsored by or administered by the Association, nor shall any such beverages be brought to the site during the championship (during the period from the time access to the site is available to spectators until all patrons have left the facility or area used for competition).

B.    Administrative: Amend 31.6, as follows:

31.6 Rights to NCAA Properties and Marketing Restrictions.

[31.6.1 unchanged.]

31.6.2 Concessions. The following conditions or restrictions apply to all concession items sold at any event sponsored or administered by the Association:

[31.6.2-(a) through 31.6.2-(d) unchanged.]

(e) No alcoholic beverages shall be sold or dispensed for public consumption at any event sponsored by or administered by the Association.

[31.6.3 through 31.6.4 unchanged.]

Source: NCAA Division I Council

Effective Date:August 1, 2018

Proposal Category: Amendment

Topical Area: Executive Regulations

Rationale: For the previous two years, a waiver has been granted for the NCAA to conduct a pilot program for in-stadium alcohol sales (beer and wine only) to the general public at select NCAA Division I championships. Such sales of beer and wine were permitted at concession stands only. The event sites in question allowed alcohol sales for the general public for other events. Sales followed the existing policies, including limitations on quantity and cut-off times. The results of the pilot program over the previous two years have been favorable. The response from fans in attendance at the events has been positive. The reports of law enforcement incidents in conjunction with the championships have decreased, in some cases significantly. The NCAA Board of Governors has endorsed the concept of the three divisions proceeding with legislation to eliminate the prohibition on alcohol sales at NCAA championships. In order to eliminate the need for additional waivers or legislative changes in the future, the details of alcohol sales at championships would be governed by championships policies and procedures. The policies and procedures would address all aspects of alcohol sales, including the items that have been addressed under the waivers (e.g., beer and wine only, sales at concession stands only, sales only at venues that sell to the general public for other events, etc.). The proposed August 1, 2018 effective date would allow for appropriate planning and preparation for sales during 2018-2019 championships.

Estimated Budget Impact: Increase in revenue from NCAA championships.

Impact on Student-Athlete's Time (Academic and/or Athletics): None.

Position Statement(s):

Legislative Committee Supports


Nov 15, 2017: In Progress
Feb 8, 2018: Ready for Vote
Apr 18, 2018: Adopted by Council
Apr 25, 2018: No Board Action
Apr 25, 2018: Adopted Final

Legislative References

Division Number Title
I 31.1 Administration of NCAA Championships.
I 31.1.15 Availability of Alcoholic Beverages.
I 31.6 Rights to NCAA Properties and Marketing Restrictions.
I 31.6.2 Concessions.