Major Infractions Case

University of Notre Dame

December 17, 1999

Extra Benefits provided to football student-athletes in the form of gifts and trips by a representative of the instituion's athletics interests; an university employee provided extra benefits to student-athletes; a student-athlete paid a university employee to prepare an academic paper.

Public reprimand and censure; two years of probation; financial aid awards in football reduced by one during each academic year of 2000-01 and 2001-02; annual reports regarding compliance.


Television: 0 yrs
Reduction in Financial Aid: Yes
Postseason: 0 yrs
Recruiting: No
Probation: 2 yrs
Show Cause Penalty: No
Vacation of Record: No

Division Number Title
I 16.02.3 Extra Benefit.
I Sale of Complimentary Admissions.
I General Rule.