Bylaw Institutional or Noninstitutional, Privately Owned Camps/Clinics -- Bowl Subdivision Football. [FBS] In bowl subdivision football, an institution's coach (including a graduate assistant coach who has successfully completed the coaches certification examination per Bylaw may be employed (either on a salaried or volunteer basis) in any capacity (e.g., counselor, guest lecturer, consultant) only by the institution's camps or clinics or another four-year, NCAA member institution's camps or clinics. A noncoaching athletics department staff member with responsibilities specific to football may be employed only by the institution’s camps or clinics. Employment in such a camp or clinic is limited to 10 days in the months of June [or any calendar week (Sunday through Saturday) that includes days in June (e.g., May 28-June 3)] and July. It is not permissible for a football coach to be employed at a noninstitutional, privately owned camp or clinic. It is not permissible for a noncoaching staff member with responsibilities specific to football to be employed at other institutional camps or clinics or at noninstitutional, privately owned camps or clinics. [D] (Adopted: 1/16/10, Revised: 4/26/17 a contract signed before 1/18/17 may be honored, 1/23/19)