Bylaw Certification Administration. Such certification procedures shall be established and administered for its member institutions by the member conferences of the Association or, in the case of an independent institution, by the NCAA national office or the conference office that administers the National Letter of Intent for that institution. Such certification procedures shall include a requirement that the coaches shall have passed a standardized national test developed by the NCAA national office covering NCAA recruiting legislation, including Bylaw 13 and other bylaws [e.g., Bylaws 15.3 (institutional financial aid award) and 14.3 (freshman academic requirements)] that relate to the recruitment of prospective student-athletes as a condition for being permitted to engage in off-campus recruiting. Member conferences shall establish the procedures for administering and correcting the test within each conference. (Adopted: 1/10/91 effective 8/1/92, Revised: 1/16/93, 4/24/03)