Basketball Certification

New User Account Registration

Athlete registration must be submitted by a participant of at least eighteen (18) years of age or the parent/legal guardian of any minor participant with the right to submit such information on behalf of the minor.


You will need to have an active USAB License Number in order to register with the NCAA Basketball Certification System (BBCS). Until you enter your license number here, you cannot create a user account. (The NCAA will also need to verify your approval before you create a team bench/roster or submit an event/league application.)


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My Contact Information
  • Enter all applicable addresses where athlete resides prior to submitting registration.

  • Make sure that each address and address type listed below is a accurate. If you need to make changes click on the address to edit and/or choose a different address type. Adding a new address will not remove previous addresses.

  • Make sure that you currently live at ALL the addresses listed below. DO NOT enter the athlete's entire address history. If any of the addresses are previous residences and the athlete no longer resides at that address, DELETE it now.

  Street Address City State/Province Zip Code Country
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  Street Address City State/Province Zip Code Country I Live Lived Since  
Edit {{address.streetAddress}} {{}} {{address.state}} {{}} {{}} {{address.addressType.description}} - {{address.addressTypeOther}} {{address.livedSince}}

Warning: AOL, iCloud, MSN, Earthlink and Verizon services may block messages sent by BBCS. As a result, you may not receive email notifications from BBCS. In that regard, it is suggested that you utilize a different email provider for your BBCS profile. If you choose to proceed using one of these providers, you will have to call ECAG to confirm your account AND you will be responsible for logging into BBCS to view any messages.

My Eligibility Center Information

You are required to have a valid NCAA Eligibility Center(EC) account before registering with the Basketball Certification System (BBCS).

Have One? If you already have an EC Certification account that you paid for OR an EC FREE Profile account, use the information for that account.

Need One? If you don't have an EC account, go to and create an NCAA profile account. THIS IS A FREE ACCOUNT! Do not pay for an EC account until you need one for college registration.

Forgot NCAA ID#? Log back in and your 10-digit NCAA identification number (NCAA ID) can be found in the upper right-hand corner of your EC account.

Have an EC Account but get an Error? If you receive an error that the NCAA ID cannot be found but you have an EC account, you may have entered your EC email, password or NCAA ID incorrectly, or your date of birth may be different on the two accounts. Correct the info and try again.

Parent/Guardian Information
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