Division I Proposal - 2016-130


Status: Adopted Final

Intent: To specify that institutional financial aid awarded to an enrolled student-athlete after the first day of classes in any term may be made retroactive to the beginning of that academic year.

Bylaws: Amend, as follows: Retroactive Financial Aid. [A] Institutional financial aid awarded to an enrolled student-athlete after the first day of classes in any term may not exceed the remaining room and board charges and educational expenses for that term and may not be made retroactive to the beginning of that term academic year.

Source: Pac-12 Conference

Effective Date:August 1, 2017

Proposal Category: Amendment

Topical Area: Financial Aid

Rationale: This proposal seeks to provide institutions greater discretion in awarding financial aid. Currently, an institution must prorate a student-athlete's financial aid if it is awarded after the standard period of the award begins. This means that, even if a sport has aid available within its team limit, a student-athlete is not be permitted to receive an amount that a coach desires to provide simply because of the date when the award is provided. Due to recent deregulation, an institution is allowed to increase an athletics aid award at any time, including for athletics reasons. Additionally, institutions are permitted to retroactively award students (other than student-athletes) with scholarships, loans and grants to the beginning of the academic year. Therefore, if a student-athlete is awarded athletics aid at any point in an academic year, institutions should be permitted to provide the aid to them retroactively, if necessary, for the academic year in question. Finally, this proposal does not increase the overall amount of aid that may be provided to a student-athlete or a team and, therefore, does not have an overall budget impact. It simply affords the opportunity to provide aid to cover a student-athlete's attendance for the entire academic year regardless of when the financial aid agreement is signed.

Estimated Budget Impact: None.

Impact on Student-Athlete's Time (Academic and/or Athletics): None.


Oct 13, 2016: Submitted to National Office
Nov 1, 2016: In Progress
Nov 29, 2016: Ready for Vote
Jan 20, 2017: Adopted Final

Legislative References

Division Number Title
I Retroactive Financial Aid.