Bylaw Student Orientation Sessions. [A] An institution may pay on-campus expenses (e.g., meals, lodging) for prospective student-athletes to attend institutional orientation sessions conducted for all students. However, an institution may provide on-campus expenses to prospective student-athletes to attend orientation sessions for a particular group of students selected on a basis unrelated to athletics ability only if the institution is providing expenses on a uniform basis to all members of that particular group. An institutional staff member may provide transportation from and to the nearest bus or train station or major airport to the campus on the occasion of the prospective student-athlete's arrival or departure from the institution to attend the institution's required new-student orientation, provided the prospective student-athlete has been accepted for admission to the institution. [R] (Adopted: 1/10/95, Revised: 1/9/96, 4/26/01 effective 8/1/01)