Bylaw 13.2.3

13.2.3 Awards to Prospective Student-Athletes. An institution is limited to providing the following awards to prospective student-athletes: (Adopted: 1/10/91, Revised: 1/15/11, 1/23/19)

(a) Awards to prospective student-athletes for outstanding athletics accomplishments are prohibited, except as provided in (c) below;

(b) Awards to high school, preparatory school or two-year-college athletics teams in the name of an NCAA member institution are prohibited, regardless of the institution's involvement (or lack thereof) in the administration of the award; and

(c) Any award presented at an open event conducted by an institution or held on its campus (see Bylaw or at high school, preparatory school and two-year-college athletics contests or matches under the provisions of Bylaw must be limited in value to $50 but may bear the institution's name and logo.