Bylaw 19.2.3

19.2.3 Responsibility to Cooperate. Current and former institutional staff members, and prospective and enrolled student-athletes of member institutions have an affirmative obligation to cooperate fully with and assist the NCAA enforcement staff, the Committee on Infractions and the Infractions Appeals Committee to further the objectives of the Association and its infractions program. Full cooperation includes, but is not limited to: (Adopted: 11/1/07 effective 8/1/08, Revised: 10/30/12 effective 8/1/13, 7/31/14, 8/8/18)

(a) Affirmatively reporting instances of noncompliance to the Association in a timely manner and assisting in developing full information to determine whether a possible violation has occurred and the details thereof;

(b) Timely participation in interviews and providing complete and truthful responses;

(c) Making a full and complete disclosure of relevant information, including timely production of materials or information requested, and in the format requested;

(d) Disclosing and providing access to all electronic devices used in any way for business purposes;

(e) Providing access to all social media, messaging and other applications that are or may be relevant to the investigation; and

(f) Preserving the integrity of an investigation and abiding by all applicable confidentiality rules and instructions.