Bylaw 12.1.4

12.1.4 Impermissible -- Following Initial Full-Time Collegiate Enrollment. Following initial full-time collegiate enrollment, an individual's participation in the following activities or receipt of the following benefits will jeopardize the individual's amateur status and eligibility for intercollegiate participation in a particular sport: (Adopted: 4/16/13, Revised: 1/15/14)

(a) Use of Athletics Skill for Pay. Use of athletics skills for pay in any form in that sport.

(b) Acceptance of a Promise of Pay. Acceptance of a promise of pay even if such pay is to be received following completion of intercollegiate athletics participation.

(c) Receipt of a Salary, Gratuity or Compensation. Receipt of any direct or indirect salary, gratuity or comparable compensation for participation in athletics.

(d) Receipt of Any Division or Split of Surplus. Receipt of any division or split of surplus (e.g., bonuses, game receipts).

(e) Contract to Play Professional Athletics. Signing a contract or commitment of any kind to play professional athletics, regardless of its legal enforceability or any consideration received.

(f) Receipt of Funds From a Professional Team. Receipt, directly or indirectly, of a salary, reimbursement of expenses or any other form of financial assistance from a professional sports organization based on athletics skill or participation, except as permitted by NCAA rules and regulations.

(g) Competition on a Professional Team. Competition on any professional athletics team (per Bylaw 12.02.6), even if no pay or remuneration for expenses was received.

(h) Agreement With or Benefits From an Agent. Entrance into an agreement with or receipt of benefits from an agent.

(i) Educational Expenses.

(1) Receipt of educational expenses not permitted by the governing legislation of this Association (see Bylaw 15 regarding permissible financial aid to enrolled student-athletes).

(2) Receipt of educational expenses provided to an individual by an outside sports team or organization that are based in any degree on the recipient's athletics ability [except for financial aid that is received from a team or organization that conducts a competitive sports program by an individual who is not a member of that team or organization (see Bylaw], even if the funds are given to the institution to administer to the recipient.

(j) Receipt of Cash Award for Participation. Receipt of cash, or the equivalent thereof (e.g., trust fund), as an award for participation in competition at any time, even if such an award is permitted under the rules governing an amateur, noncollegiate event in which the individual is participating. An award or a cash prize that an individual could not receive under NCAA legislation may not be forwarded in the individual's name to a different individual or agency.

(k) Expenses or Awards Not Permitted by Amateurism Rules Governing Events. Receipt of expenses incurred or awards received by an individual that are prohibited by the rules governing an amateur, noncollegiate event in which the individual participates.

(l) Expenses Above Actual and Necessary Expenses From Outside Amateur Sports Team or Organization. Receipt of expenses from an outside amateur sports team or organization in excess of actual and necessary travel, room and board expenses, and apparel and equipment (for individual and team use only from teams or organizations not affiliated with member institutions, including local sports clubs as set forth in Bylaw for competition and practice held in preparation for such competition. Practice must be conducted in a continuous time period preceding the competition except for practice sessions conducted by a national team, which occasionally may be interrupted for specific periods of time before the competition.

(m) Expenses From Nonpermissible Entities. Receipt of any expenses, including actual and necessary expenses or any other form of compensation, to participate in athletics competition (while not representing an educational institution) from an agent, representative of an institution's athletics interests or professional sports organization. (Revised: 1/21/17)

(n) Unspecified or Unitemized Expenses. Payment to individual team members or individual competitors for unspecified or unitemized expenses beyond actual and necessary travel, room and board expenses for practice and competition.

(o) Payment Based on Place Finish. Any payment, including actual and necessary expenses, conditioned on the individual's or team's place finish or performance or given on an incentive basis, or receipt of expenses in excess of the same reasonable amount for permissible expenses given to all individuals or team members involved in the competition.

(1) Exception -- Prize Money Based on Place Finish -- Individual Sports. In individual sports, a student-athlete may receive prize money based on place finish or performance in an open athletics event. The competition must occur outside the institution's declared playing season during the institution's official vacation period. In addition, such prize money shall not exceed the student-athlete's actual and necessary expenses and may be provided only by the sponsor of the event. Actual and necessary expenses shall not include the expenses or fees of anyone other than the student-athlete. (Adopted: 1/21/17)

(p) Prize for Participation in Institutional Promotional Activity. Receipt of a prize for participation (involving the use of athletics ability) in a member institution's promotional activity that is inconsistent with the provisions of Bylaw 12.5.

(q) Pay for Competition Involving Use of Overall Athletics Skill. Participation for pay in competition that involves the use of overall athletics skill (e.g., "superstars" competition). (See Bylaw for exception related to promotional contests.).

(r) Preferential Treatment, Benefits or Services. Receipt of preferential treatment, benefits or services because of the individual's athletics reputation, skill or pay-back potential as a professional athlete, unless such treatment, benefits or services are specifically permitted under NCAA legislation. [R]