Basketball Certification

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Athlete and Parents

If you are an athlete or a parent of an athlete you will need to complete the following steps to participate in an NCAA-certified event.

  • Create an NCAA Eligibility Center account. Click the "New Athlete Account" button below to begin.
  • Complete remaining requirements in BBCS by logging in with your NCAA Eligibility Center account.
Coaches, Operators, Team / Organization CEOs and Business Officers

Attention: If your account was created prior to September 15, 2020 your password is no longer valid and will need to be changed. Click the "Forgot Password?" button and follow the instructions.

  • Coach - Participates in coaching activities at an NCAA-certified event.
  • Operator - Operates or Manages an NCAA-certified event or league.
  • Team / Organization CEO and Business Officer - Person of authority who submits required documentation for an organization or teams.